Erlang for mobile devices

It’s been a long time since I wrote something here. I’ve been swamped with work, so it has been very little time to do any development on Erlang for mobile devices.

The good news is that I have a semi-working version of Erlang R15B01 for iOS that I’m planning to release next week. I’ve also patched the old version (Available here: Erlang iOS SSP255 Updated (851)).

I’ve also reinstalled my Android environment and hopefully there will be a new version for that as well.

Download Erlang for iOS

A pre-compiled version of Erlang for iOS are now available here: Erlang for iOS (939)

Unzip the file and put the content in /usr/local/erlang on your iOS device.


I’ve now corrected the filenames in the /lib-directory.

An updated version of Erlang is available here now: Erlang iOS SSP255 Updated (851) (The old version is available here: Erlang for iOS (870)
The only change in this version is that the stack size pointer is set to 255 (Instead of 256) which seems to be working nice with iOS. If you have the old version of iOSErlang you have to give the argument +sss 255 to the ./erl command in order to run Erlang.

Distributed server for Minecraft

Me and a friend of mine talked about how bad the performance of the Minecraft server was and its lack of scaling. We thought on how we could solve this with Erlang, and the outcome of that discussion is the Minecraft-sERLver. It’s not by any means finished, but it’s a nice project with lots of interesting challenges.

Check out the project on github:

Substitute for Total Commander to OS X

I am one of those who abused Total Commander. I used it for practically anything. When switching to Mac OS X it was with a heavy hearth I realized that it didn’t exist any good substitute for my beloved Total Commander… I found Forklift for a couple of days, and it got a lot of features. The only downside is that it’s a little expensive (costs $29.95), but it’s worth it.

There is a 15 days evaluation version available on their website:

Erlang for Android

I’ve completed my port of Erlang to Android. A lot of the inspiration was given from apage43 OTP-repository on github. I have also done an android application which installs erlang onto your phone. This is a part of my master thesis and will be available sometimes in the beginning of November.

It’s not a complicated, but rather a time consuming work to make an installer (at least it was for me) for an erlang release that will run on an android phone. I’m hoping to maybe write a tool that does all of that so the developer does not have to do this. Right now it’s just a thought from my side, but if anyone else would be interested in developing such a tool, feel free to contact me :-).

A good solution when crosscompiling for arm

I’ve been trying to get a working enviroment for crosscompiling to the arm architecture and at first it was just so much overhead on order to get it working. Then I discovered a very interesting project on github. This project provides you with a script who installs all tools needed when crosscompiling.

The project is, as mentioned, hosted on github: