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Erlang for the Android platform

– Now for the Android plattform

I have completed my port of Erlang (both R14 and R13B03) for the Android platform. In order to use EShell the phone needs to be rooted.


1 Dec – epmd now works.
22 Nov – I am working on a solution so that the device does not need to be rooted in order to get access to EShell
17 Nov – You can now find the Android package on Erlang Solutions package page: http://www.erlang-solutions.com/section/72/packages

Install Erlang:

  1. Download the Erlang installer for the Android OS (Dowload it here: Erlang R14 for Android (4362))
  2. Go to market with your phone and install ”Fast Installer”
  3. Put the Erlang installer on your SD-card
  4. Open ”Fast installer” and choose to install the Erlang-package (Note: you need to disconnect your phone from the computer for this)
  5. After step 4 is done, open ”Erlang installer”
  6. Choose the R14-package and press the ”Install”-button (This will take about 3-10 minutes)
  7. Wait for the install-button to switch to ”Already installed”
  8. Erlang is now installed.

Starting Erlang:

Open a terminal program on your android device and type:

$ cd /data/data/org.burbas.erlang/arm_erlang_R14B_rel/bin
$ su
# chmod 777 erl
# /system/bin/sh erl

Eshell V5.8.1  (abort with ^G)

Erlang have been tested on the following devices:

Acer beTouch E400

Acer beTouch E400

(Thanks to Fabian S)

SonyEricsson Xperia Arc

SonyEricsson Xperia Arc

(Thanks to Johan)

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab

(Thanks to Robin T)







HTC Desire

HTC Desire







HTC Supersonic

HTC Supersonic (Evo)

(Thanks to Garret S)

Motorola Droid

Motorola Droid

(Thanks to Chris J)

Samsung I9000

Samsung Galaxy I9000

(Thanks to neurofen)

Samsung I9000

HTC Desire HD

(Thanks to Mikkel M)

If you tested Erlang on another device, please contact me and I will add it here.

Erlang/Android in Media

http://www.version2.dk/artikel/17388-svensk-tilbud-koer-erlang-programmer-paa-din-android-mobil (Danish)


Erlang R14 for Android (4362)