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  1. I’m new to Erlang but I have it running on my Mac OS X and I’ve written/compiled from a few tutorials. I’m still learing OTP. I have a jail-broken 3GS, but I wasn’t able to compile Erlang because of ncurses error. Can you give more information how this git project is to be used? Is this cross-compiling? Will I be able to write, compile and run Erlang on my iphone iOS somehow?

  2. Hi,
    This is great. I have a jail broken ipad, but when going over the git instructions, there are some missing steps on how to build and run Erlang on iPad( I am new to the whole iOS development).

  3. Hi, can you explain why the iOS device needs to be jailbroken to do this? What is the limitation, other than getting such an app past apple’s application review?

  4. Hi Kresten.

    It needs to be jailbroken in order to get it on the iOS device. As you said, apple does not approve of this kind of software.

    Right now I’m working on an Erlang package for Cydia, so that people with a jailbroken iOS device can more easially install and run Erlang.

  5. Why can’t all the neccessary Erlang resources be bundled with an app? Perhaps Apple’s app review would be ok with that?

  6. Compiled Erlang would be acceptable, as long as it works fine.

    They only have problems with alternate languages running non-approved software, so as long as it doesn’t accept custom external scripts, it’s fine. Scripts that come with the app are ok, of course.

    That’s how some companies are selling 8bit/16bit games that run on emulating layers.

  7. Niclas,

    I agree to your considerations about Apple Approvment, but if you’re Enterprise or single iOS developper and pay the annual fee, you can compile application(s) for yourself or your enterprise if you want, and without Apple approvment/validation process.

    So, I think that another good step is add in the script the xcode project file to compile or debug into XCode tools… What do you think ?


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