Erlang for the Android platform

– Now for the Android plattform

I have completed my port of Erlang (both R14 and R13B03) for the Android platform. In order to use EShell the phone needs to be rooted.


1 Dec – epmd now works.
22 Nov – I am working on a solution so that the device does not need to be rooted in order to get access to EShell
17 Nov – You can now find the Android package on Erlang Solutions package page:

Install Erlang:

  1. Download the Erlang installer for the Android OS (Dowload it here: [download id=”1″])
  2. Go to market with your phone and install ”Fast Installer”
  3. Put the Erlang installer on your SD-card
  4. Open ”Fast installer” and choose to install the Erlang-package (Note: you need to disconnect your phone from the computer for this)
  5. After step 4 is done, open ”Erlang installer”
  6. Choose the R14-package and press the ”Install”-button (This will take about 3-10 minutes)
  7. Wait for the install-button to switch to ”Already installed”
  8. Erlang is now installed.

Starting Erlang:

Open a terminal program on your android device and type:

$ cd /data/data/org.burbas.erlang/arm_erlang_R14B_rel/bin
$ su
# chmod 777 erl
# /system/bin/sh erl

Eshell V5.8.1  (abort with ^G)

Erlang have been tested on the following devices:

Acer beTouch E400

Acer beTouch E400

(Thanks to Fabian S)

SonyEricsson Xperia Arc

SonyEricsson Xperia Arc

(Thanks to Johan)

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab

(Thanks to Robin T)







HTC Desire

HTC Desire







HTC Supersonic

HTC Supersonic (Evo)

(Thanks to Garret S)

Motorola Droid

Motorola Droid

(Thanks to Chris J)

Samsung I9000

Samsung Galaxy I9000

(Thanks to neurofen)

Samsung I9000

HTC Desire HD

(Thanks to Mikkel M)

If you tested Erlang on another device, please contact me and I will add it here.

Erlang/Android in Media (Danish)


[download id=”1″]

43 reaktioner till “Erlang for the Android platform

  1. Do me a favour, read the manpage of chmod for once and then explain to me why any shellscript or binary would need or benefit from 777 as permissions.

    Hint: tom dick and harry don’t need to write it.

  2. In the initial state I tried to test out different things and this is one result of that. I’m working on a new installer where things like this is removed.

  3. Friedel, do us all a favor, read the man page of nice for once.

    Niclas, great work, you make me want an Android phone!

  4. Do us a favor: learn how to give criticism without sounding like a douchebag.

    Hint: you could have just said, ”I suggest you take a look at the permissions you set.”

  5. I’ve looked at your work, and your solution with the xcomp-file is a little more elegant than mine :P. I’m using a shell-script to cross-compile Erlang. How is your iOS port going?

  6. Great, thanks. I have successfully run it on my Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. There were two errors during start-up. But I yet haven’t yet noticed their influence.

  7. Would you be able to make your build instructions for compiling Erlang source for the Android platform available?

  8. Hi, this is great, but it takes up a load of space, could you change it so that it installs on the sd card and phone internal memory?

  9. Yes. But before I do that I’ll have to clean up my build-scripts a little :-).
    My intention is also to write a small tutorial on how to write an Erlang/Android application.

  10. Hi Richard,

    I’m working on a new version of the installer-program that enables you to install Erlang on the SD-card instead. Another feature with the new version is that you does not need a rooted phone in order to get access to EShell.

  11. im trying to install it on an archos 5. It runs android 1.6 so I don’t know if this is an issie. The installer runs but I don’t see the button changing to already installed. I see a notification saying installation complete. What is the size of the installation? When I run the installer again I see the option run distribution enabled. But when I click on it nothing happens.

    I could su on this device, so maybe that is the problem. If so, I’m really looking forward for the update you mentioned.

  12. Hi Niclas!

    Awesome! I have R14B up and running on my Xperia Arc now! Yet another platform to add to the collection – worked straight away according to your instructions!

    Very very cool! Thanks for your work!


  13. Hi Alex,

    It’s not a problem that your device runs 1.6. The installation is about 36mb and it takes
    a couple of minutes before it’s installed. The ”Run distribution”-button does not work yet. I am still working on some of the features, but the basic erlang distribution is working.

    Follow the instructions posted on the top of this page and you should be fine :). Otherwise feel free to contact me by mail (niclas at burbas dot se)

  14. Hello,

    It runs on a X10 Mini Pro as well, but then no more space ;-)
    need to move it to the SD card.

    What about application/usage for the Port is there any ideas?

  15. It runs on HTC Tattoo, but I get some error on startup:

    localhost bin # /system/bin/sh erl
    {error_logger,{{2011,10,18},{16,38,56}},”~s~n”,[”Error in process with exit value: {epipe,[{erlang,port_command,[#Port,[<>,\”localhost\”,0]]},{inet_gethost_native,run_once,0}]}\n”]}

    =ERROR REPORT==== 18-Oct-2011::16:38:56 ===
    Error in process with exit value: {epipe,[{erlang,port_command,[#Port,[<>,”localhost”,0]]},{inet_gethost_native,run_once,0}]}

    Eshell V5.8.1 (abort with ^G)

  16. Hi, I’ve installed this application on my old HTC Desire and am very impressed. I’m currently considering porting an Erlang (probably R15B) application to Android and any pointers as to where to start and how to get R15B working on Erlang would be much welcome.

    Did you ever get round to writing a tutorial or at least cleaning up your build scripts! :)

    Thanks again.

  17. Hi Sean,

    It’s pretty straight forward to compile Erlang for Android. Checkout the Android NDK-kit and you will be fine :-).

    I can send you the build-scripts and some pointers to you if you want. Just send me an email (niclas at burbas dot se). I plan to release this whole project as open source but have not had the time to clean up my scripts :/.


  18. Seems like Burbas has left this site and project since last update was 8 juni 2011

  19. Hi Sorner,

    To be honest I have not had the time to do anything on this project for quite some time. I’m just swamped with other stuff :(. As I wrote in an earlier comment; I will release the ”how to get erlang onto Android” and release the installation program as open source. I’ll promise the code and howtos will be available in April 2012.


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  21. Thanks! This great!

    Seems to work on Nexus 7 tablet w/Jellybean. :)

    How about sharing the source code for the installer app/Android NDK stuff?

    I’ve done a little Android development, would be happy to clean up, etc. Would seem a shame to have to duplicate the work you’ve already done!

  22. Please tell me how to compile the program for android. In the shell work, but с(module). can not run.

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